Wrought Iron Casket

French, 15th Century

Wrought iron domed-top casket. French, 15th Century.

Height  6"  (17.5cm).
Width  6¾"  (17cm).
Depth  5"  (12.5cm).

This casket is very similar to one that belonged to A.W.N. Pugin and which is now in the Victoria & Albert Museum.(1)  Pugin had inherited this casket from his father, A. C. Pugin, and it was illustrated amongst a group of objects from the elder Pugin’s collection by N. X. Willemin.(2)



1.  See Pugin: A Gothic Passion, ed. Paul Atterbury & Clive Wainwright, 1994, no. 175, p. 97 (from Chapter 6, ‘The Antiquary and Collector’, by Clive Wainwright), the book published to coincide with the exhibition of the same name at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

2.  N. X. Willemin, Monuments Français Inédits pour servir à l’Histoire des Arts depuis le VI siècle jusqu’au commencement du XVII, 1806-1839. Reproduced in Atterbury & Wainwright, op. cit., pl. 167, p. 92.

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