Norwegian 'Throne' Chair by Lars Kinsarvik. Circa 1900

Norwegian, Circa 1900

Lars Kinsarvik (1846-1925). Throne Chair carved profusely with Celtic ornament in the so-called ‘dragon’ style. Norwegian, c. 1900-1905.

Exhibited :- International Arts & Crafts, Victoria & Albert Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 2005-2006.

Published :-  The catalogue of the above exhibition, International Arts & Crafts, eds. Karen Livingstone, Linda Parry, 2005, fig. 24.3, p. 289.

A related chair by Kinsarvik, smaller and lower but with similar carving, is in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum (see ), and on display in the Europe & America 1800-1900 Gallery. It was given to the museum soon after being exhibited at the Paris International Exhibition of 1900.

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